Our Strategic Statement

At PSCFM, we are committed to providing both part-time and full-time students with quality specialist postgraduate credit and financial management education that is academically rigorous, rooted in practice and with a focus on graduate employability.

The key strategic objective of PSCFM, relating to our specialist postgraduate programmes in credit and financial management, are to:

  • Develop a uniquely different academic programmes in all operating sides of credit and financial management that are nationally and internationally recognized as market leading in the sector by all stakeholders.

  • Attracting those already working at different levels of credit and financial analysis and credit risk management, and with focus on old and new university graduates, as well as those holding university degrees that have no demand in the labour market, faculty and staff, PSCFM is determined to build an engaged community of specialist postgraduate credit and financial professionals of the highest caliber.

  • By so doing, we advance credit and financial management careers by equipping people with the skills and capability that the industry demands, so they can perform more responsibly and efficiently. This results in enhanced professionalism – allowing corporate organizations to perform better for those they grants credit or with whom they have financial dealings.

  • For the first time in Nigeria and Africa, there hasn’t been this type of post-university specialist higher education provisions. Therefore, our approach reflects what employers in the credit and financial industry: managers, directors and recruiters have told us they want – flexible and role-specific specialist postgraduate qualifications derived from a robust curriculum and modules descriptors in credit and financial management that help individuals and companies; making PSCFM qualifications relevant to day-to-day roles in credit and financial management operations regardless of experience.


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    About Us

    It's the goal of PSCFM to make its students better credit managers.


    We bake our students to act ethically and work for the interest of credit industry throughout the world, treating people fairly and honestsly


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    Our lecturers have gained the trust of employers to deliver professionals highly skilled in the art of analyzing, appraising, assessing ..

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