A Note for Employers

Our Commitment to Professional Development in Credit Management

It is a strongly held view globally that professional development in all fields of human specialization can help an individual to become a better practitioner, enhance his/her career prospects or simply help to make him/her feel more confident and personally fulfilling.

This means that professional development, in our own case, in the field of credit management, is an important part of an employee’s working live as it represents or is simply a means for employers to support their staff. Invariably, quest for professional development facilitates access to specialized structured training, helps to review working practices and contribute to a more vibrantly effective and profitable business on the long run. Certainly, engaging staff as a matter of policy in professional development activities can on the final analysis be invigorating for individuals and the business alike.

At Postgraduate School of Credit And Financial Management (PSCFM), we are fully committed to the provision of appropriate, effective and relevant credit management professional development opportunities that enable individual employees and their employers to mutually succeed.

The range of credit management professional development activities that we offer at PSCFM is diverse, flexible and varied. They can be as simple as developing your practical skills through highly focused short courses in seminar form or they can be designed to increase your theoretical knowledge and in depth understanding based on critical examination of specific working practices over a longer period of time. Where appropriate they can lead to qualifications at varying levels to gain recognition for the skills that has been developed.

We give our students an edge by including work experience opportunity as part of benefits. Meaning that we try our best to see how job opportunities can come the way of our BCAC (Basic Credit Analysis Class) students by collaborating with companies’ credit/collection department. The companies may not have to pay but the experience will be good for the students’ CV. PSCFM will explore relationship with employer organization to secure work experience placement for our students with best learning records.

Surely, this is a unique opportunity, perhaps waiting for them which can transform their economic and financial life.

We expect organizations to be part of our commitment to helping students that have excelled in their studies at PSCFM.

Be part of an Institution that is the only one existing in Africa with highly structure standards for credit management learning.