Benefits at PSCFM for Fresh Graduates

In our fast growing world where knowledge and skill is the key requirement of major industries, PSCFM is the place for fresh graduates as well as working adults looking to become certified professionals in Credit and Financial Management.

Specialty of knowledge in credit management has become needful in corporate institutions and other organizations; hence there is now a huge demand for persons with sound knowledge of credit management to boost credit market operations.

The Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM) as an independent affiliate of the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) is recognized for the provision and delivery of world class learning in credit management with a view to producing equally world class credit professionals to fill a void and satisfy the manpower needs of credit granting corporate institutions and governments in Nigeria and the world at large.

Here at PSCFM we not only equip students with extensive knowledge and professionalization of the workings of credit management and administration, we also empower students with viable skills on business and financial management, and life skills that cut across all facets of life. This makes PSCFM qualifications well recognized and sought after. We provide intellectual and professional brand ambassadors in the field of credit management.

PSCFM learning method delivery is convenient and structured to accommodate working class persons as well as fresh graduates and undergraduates. Our package gives room for working and learning, as our classes holds on Saturdays in our conducive lecture location, as well as an easily digestible credit management study pack.

PSCFM, given its affiliations with the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) Nigeria, London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) UK, and other internationally acclaimed institutions of higher learning offering credit management qualifications, has a thorough course outline that meticulously captures all facets of credit management studies.

Our lecturers, consisting of professionals in the field of credit and financial management, are there to mentor, teach and inspire. Our lecturers are friendly and they encourage discussions and contributions during the classroom sessions, headed by the founding father of PSCFM, Prof. Chris Onalo, a well read man, generally regarded as ‘MR CREDIT’ in the world today. The egg-head members of the Board of Fellows of the ICA are also involved in PSCFM lectures.

In addition, fresh university graduates have the opportunity to meet persons and professionals already working in the field of credit management that can assist career wise, as the classroom session gives you the opportunity to share ideas, proffer solutions and make new friends.

At PSCFM, individuals holding HND have the opportunity to convert their degree to a B.A degree in credit management by engaging in a 12 months credit course of our affiliates in UK and Panama. Our partnership with international colleges of credit management enables us to recruit Nigerian professionals, students who may be interested in enrolling for specialist degree programme in credit management. So if you seek international certifications in credit management, PSCFM is your route, but if you try to contact our foreign partners for admission or any other reason without letting us know, you will not get any response from them.