Professional Qualifications In Credit Management Available At PSCFM

Professional Qualifications In Credit Management Available At PSCFM

Programmes Available and Applicable Tuition fees:

Please select fee appropriate to your programme

Tuition Fees Programme Duration
Certified Credit & Financial Analysis Professional (CCFAP) N600,000.00 12 months
Credit & Financial Analysis Executive (CFAE) N450,000.00 12 months
Credit & Financial Analysis Associate (CFAA) N300,000.00 12 months

Please note that payment of the programme tuition fee is flexible: three or four equal installment is allowed.

Study Delivery Method:

As an executive work-and-Learn programme, you study at your own pace using specially prepared study material incorporating coursework assignment; tutors are assigned to moderate your study progression. You can contact your Tutor by phone or by letter or in most cases by email to get help. All our Tutors are suitably qualified and have considerable experience in moderating a work-and-Learn executive programme.

Study Tool:

The use of Study Pack with inbuilt test questions for mandatory weekly student assignments and attendance of a periodic part-time lecture class (2 Saturdays every month) holding at the Conference Room of the Institute of Credit Administration, 213 Igbosere Street, 4th Floor, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Study and Semester Examination Centre Venue:

ICA Conference Room, 213, Igbosere Street, 4th Floor, Lagos Island, Lagos– by 9am to 5pm. Semester Examination holds on weekend.

Note: The sum of N1, 500.00 must be paid in every semester exam which is not part of the fee stated above.

Mode of Payment:

One full payment, or two equal installment payments on receipt of admission letter.

Note: Anytime you make payment to PSCFM, you are advised to properly preserve all your payment receipts as PSCFM reserves the right to demand at anytime evidence of payment of tuition fee or other fees for clearance and other purposes. We do not accept any payment made in cash to any employee or lecturer/tutor of PSCFM. At anytime a student make payment, such payment must be made directly to PSCFM bank account and copy of deposit slip forwarded to PSCFM office. DO NOT MAKE ANY CASH PAYMENT TO ANY STAFF OR LECTURER/TUTOR OF PSCFM, PLEASE.

Study Pack:

Students receives first set of study packs (SP) as soon as full or part payment of the tuition fee has been made. Student will be required to attend general lecture class twice every month.

Please Note: Student academic works, i.e. course assignment and project work must be forwarded to PSCFM (by email: [email protected]). Hard copy will also be accepted.

We await your response to finalise your admission so that your journey to becoming a learned credit professional can commence. Remember, this is a work-and-learn programme. The earlier you get started the sooner you finish.


There is yet another credit management programme available for those interested in adding another degree to what they already have. Hereunder you find Information on How to Earn Specialist Degree while working. You can work, study and earn specialist degree ranging from B.A – Ph.D in Credit Management.

LPCMC_logoPostgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM) through the UK’s premier London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) to which it is affiliated, represents LPCMC in Nigeria for its working arrangement with a university in UK and Panama, in which a student who may have completed any PSCFM professional programme in credit management could earn specialist degree in credit management from the university, subject to payment of prescribed fees.

LPCMC’s arrangements with the universities focuses on working class professionals and business directors who in addition to their existing qualifications and job experiences have the ambition of capping their chain of academic and professional qualifications with Bachelor, Masters or Ph.D qualifications.

Also, for HND holders, completed programme is convertible to earn specialist degree certification in credit management which is awarded by a university in London in a collaborative agreement between LPCMC and the university. This is a huge opportunity for HND holders as well as those holding professional qualifications but is looking to earn academic degree certification to balance.

If upon completing PSCFM programme, for example, CFAA, CFAE, CCFAP,, a student could earn specialist degree in credit management through academic records transfer to any of the two universities; one in UK and the other in Panama.

Any person who is interested in pursuing a specialist degree programme in credit management should please contact PSCFM now. Also, be kind enough to forward this opportunity to some of your colleagues and friends in the industry.

PSCFM has been committed to producing quality manpower in the field of credit management since 1995, being the only nationally recognized centre for credit management learning in Nigeria. As business organizations face the task of quality credit asset creation, the need to stimulate capacity and competence of those involved in managing, controlling and organizing credit functions in an organization cannot be over emphasized.

The Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management syllabus and courses were endorsed by the MBA Department of the Lagos State University (LASU) in 1995.

The London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC), UK, undoubtedly retains global prominence and recognition for providing comprehensive range of specialist qualifications in credit management, and has granted affiliation to the Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM) for the combined running of professional skills development programmes in credit management in Nigeria and award qualifications thereof.

PSCFM is strengthened by the supports it received following the accreditation and affiliation of its programmes with London Postgraduate Credit Management College, UK (LPCMC), and the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA, Nigeria).

For Admission Enquiries, please contact:

Student Affairs Development Executive,

Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management

213, Igbosere Street, 4th Floor, Lagos Island, Lagos.

Mobile: 08034030160, 08023314598, 08050880359, 07084665453,