Career Opportunity

At the end of the programme student would have attained the prescribed knowledge and skill required at entry level for credit and financial analysis by employers of labour. Credit and financial control is an essential accredited qualification necessary for working in the credit and financial industry.

Credit Executive Career

You may have been working in the past couple of years as head of or officer/executive in the credit department of your present or past workplace and have worked so tenaciously to pass through the rigor of obtaining recognized professional qualification in credit management as an attestation of your knowledge and skills in the profession. But deep in your mind you are nonetheless continually concerned about your primary academic background which is completely unrelated to the work of credit management you are currently doing.

What Do You Become if You Complete This Programme?:

You become a credit management professional; your services can be moved up or required as Credit Analyst, Credit Manager, Credit Controller, Credit Executive Trainee, Head of Credit Department, Head of Debt Recovery Department, Export Credit Manager, Credit Control Supervisor. At higher level, you may be elevated to Manager, Senior Manager, Assistant General Manager or Deputy General Manager in credit or Chief Credit Risk Officer, etc.

Also, with little resources, you can choose not to work for anybody; instead, you can straight-away set up, own and manage credit management consulting company, credit reference company, credit rating agency, credit risk mitigation company and other credit management services including debt factoring, receivables management, the list is endless.

The programme is structured to fit into the needs of every student irrespective of his or her location anywhere in the country or West Africa. However, all students must converge at designated centre’s to write their semester examinations when the time to do so comes.