The Postgraduate school of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM) is a non-university private tertiary institution. We are offering to partner with any credible local or foreign university for the delivery of credit management academic programmes at postgraduate and undergraduate levels to business executives who are working as graduate credit trainees, credit officers, credit supervisors, credit analysts, as well as middle and top credit management seniors in corporate organizations.

Since 1995, PSCFM has been running strictly professional certification and training programs targeted at credit professionals both in Nigeria and other African countries and it can only award professional certifications stated below:

  • Certified Credit & Financial Analysis Professional (CCFAP) which is Ph.D equivalent
  • Credit & Financial Analysis Executive (CFAE),a Masters degree equivalent, and
  • Credit & Financial Analysis Associate (CFAA),a Bachelor degree equivalent

These programmes carry the same quality standard and are adjudged to be at par with any university in both developed and developing countries who are offering same or similar courses. The reality and challenge that PSCFM have to face in the past 24 years is how it can successfully respond to the increasingly growing demand for postgraduate degrees in credit management by holders of its (PSCFM) professional qualifications.

It is because of this need that we are exploring the possibility of our institution working together with any serious minded university anywhere in the world to develop academic programmes in credit management, leading to the award of Bachelor’s, Master’s degrees and Doctorate to members of Nigeria’s Institute of Credit Administration (ICA), many of whom also constitutes the past and present students of the Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM). ICA has over 4,000 members spread across industries in the credit market of Nigeria’s vast credit economy.

Nigeria is a country with a population of over 200 million people. Definitely, no less than 60% of this figure represents highly active and engaging people.

Just as the country is the largest in the whole of Africa, Nigerian economy is also the largest, the biggest in Africa. As a developing and emerging economy, Nigeria has well over 170 universities in addition to pletoria of non-university tertiary institutions. The country is highly blessed with people skilled in accounting, banking and finance, engineering, credit management, business administration, law, medicine, politics, to mention but a few.

One area of activities that has strongly emerged and attracting incredibly growing interest is CREDIT MANAGEMENT. There are people occupying functional positions in business credit control and management, consumer credit, financial credit, microcredit, international trade credit, etc, in offices across the vast industries in Nigerian economy, ranging from credit and financial analysis graduate trainees to middle and general managers and executive director positions in credit management, necessitating critical need for these working class people to look out for further and specialist academic studies in this field.

The Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM) is a sister company to, and working together with the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA), which is Nigeria’s national body for people with professional expertise in credit management spread across blue-chips, conglomerates and multinational organizations. While ICA was formed in 1992; the PSCFM was established in 1995.

Though there is a thought that PSCFM could have a degree awarding powers in the future in view of its very robust curriculum developed in collaboration with employers of labor in the credit industry, we are looking to forge a strong academic collaboration with any local or foreign universities who are open and willing to delve into new areas of academic development for specialization.

The opportunity is huge, the market is large and sustainable, the bottom-line is attractive. We will be happy to work with any university in this field under a signed and sealed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) incorporating the mutual interest of the two parties.

We are ready to talk with any university who might be interested in this novel initiative, please contact us by this email: [email protected]

Professor Chris Onalo, FICA
President & Chief Executive Officer,
Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM),
213, Igbosere Street, 4th Floor, Lagos Island, Lagos-Nigeria
Mobile: +234-8034030160
Email: [email protected]
Website: www. postgraduatecreditschool.net