PSCFM Accreditation

The Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management syllabus and courses were endorsed by the MBA Department of the Lagos State University.

The London Postgraduate Credit Management College, UK, undoubtedly retains global recognition for providing comprehensive range of specialist qualifications in credit management, and has granted affiliation to the Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM) for the combined running of professional skills development programmes in credit management in Nigeria and award qualifications thereof.

While the programme continues, student’s study works and performance record are moderated by LPCMC, UK and PSCFM, Nigeria. PSCFM is industry-wide recognized and is accredited by the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA), Nigeria’s only national body for the regulation, licensing and setting of standards for credit management in the country.

Committed to producing quality manpower in the field of credit management since 1995, PSCFM is the only nationally recognized place for credit management learning in Nigeria. As business organizations face the task of quality credit asset creation, the need to stimulate the capacity of persons involved in managing, controlling and organizing credit functions in an organization cannot be over emphasized.

PSCFM is strengthened by the support it receives following its accreditation and affiliation of its programmes with London Postgraduate Credit Management College, UK (LPCMC), and the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA, Nigeria).

There is no doubt that PSCFM and its affiliate in UK, (LPCMC) are well positioned to deliver the ever increasing training needs of credit market players as well as the credit management skills development ambition of their employees.