PSCFM Local University Collaboration

In line with the present trend as directed by the Nigeria’s National Universities Commission (NUC) for which some local Universities and tertiary institutions are believed to have started implementing, the Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM), a legally formed professional credit management education provider in Nigeria since 1995 is interested in forging collaboration with any credible local Nigerian University.

Indication Of Interest: PSCFM – Local University Collaboration

With our qualified credit management lecturers, rich library resources for credit management, coupled with high degree of industry awareness and acceptability, PSCFM is proposing a mutually beneficial working relationship in terms of mounting a credit management degree programme or as an option of specialization in one relevant existing faculty.

Some foreign universities are already offering this programme, but we felt that a local university collaborating with us is still necessary as it is both cost effective and profitable. We see this course as a cash-cow which should be embraced, thus making such a university the first in Nigeria to make this history.

We will be willing to discuss the modalities of this proposal should this be of interest to the University.

Please send your enquiry to our email:

[email protected]