A New Dawn

I want to see Nigerians between the ages of 24 to 45 aspiring to become professionals in relevant fields of learning, rather than spending time and energy on frivolities. I want to see Nigerians of the present and future age trained constructively in mind to join global citizenship arena and play formidable roles. That’s what is on my mind everyday for today’s young people in Nigeria. For instance, I am in search of fresh university graduates to bake and become sought-after CREDIT PROFESSIONALS who will help in credit management in banks, oil and gas companies, manufacturing organizations, finance and insurance companies, Telecoms, etc, etc, etc.

Thoughts About Pathway to The Future

  1. Give attention to learning, give attention to reading, select a good course.
  2. Choose a credible, fundable profession or career and pursue it no matter the cost.
  3. Do not waste your money on irrelevant things and unhelpful consumptions.
  4. Friends cannot decide your future for you, you are the one to do it; keeping friends whose life style is wasteful, directionless, visionless and immoral will derail your own future.
  5. If you are working, earning monthly income, resolve to dedicate at least 60% of your salary to funding your profession/career.
  6. You cannot afford to take responsibility of family members to the detriment of your own self-improvement for greater future success.
  7. Call yourself to order; go back and set up your reading table in your house and start reading for self-development, to acquire new and more qualifications – take professional courses and enroll for their examinations, get qualified and get plum job. Read to know, not reading to pass examination.
  8. Go for lucrative career /profession that can place you in the look out of labour market such as credit management and financial analysis ( you may check for this programme at this website:postgraduatecreditschool.net).
  9. Don’t you ever think that road to good and sustainable life is easy; be among those that are determined to succeed. The earlier you heed to this counsel the better for you. 

The Inquest

About 300 comments I received on the post “I want to see Nigerians between the ages of 24 – 45 aspiring to become professionals in relevant fields of learning, rather than spending time and energy on frivolities”.  Let me respond to some concerns expressed.

 The reason recruiters and employers of labor insist on previous work experience in their vacancy advertisements is simple: the only thing they can lay their hands on to ascertain a reasonable level of candidate’s familiarity with workplace demands, and performance contents is what they refer to as “experience”. I totally agree that for a fresh university graduate or a graduate who has been jobless for a couple of years, the requirement for “previous experience” could be daunting. There is no way “experience” can be earned without previous employment engagement. However, the inability of graduates themselves to proof that they are constructive both in mind and mentally through self expression in verbal and writing reminiscent of a university graduate is a huge lacuna. Parents or sponsors should not conclude yet that they are done with giving their wards sound education which is the biggest and finest asset they can lay for them, until their graduate sons and daughters are employable and gainfully employed. Of course, most parents do know that the mental quality, standard of conduct, and knowledge comprehension of their sons and daughters that they sponsored for tertiary education institution’s qualifications are way behind expectations.

The system of our education as it stands today does not help matter either. Curriculum contents and module descriptors of virtually all our tertiary institutions totally lack interface with labour market realities and job requirement consultants; lecturers who come to classroom to bake students, many of them, if not all, are themselves absolutely dried of labour-focused impartation to students which in turn makes employment impossible by the time students have graduated and are looking to get a job with the enthusiasm that they are now university graduate ready for work. But at the Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM), this trend is reversed; any university graduate, new or old who is interested in shifting career to credit management and financial analysis – the very hot, high demand profession in the economy of this country as well as other countries of the world, has now got a place to be. The only point worthy of emphasizing  strongly here is that any student admitted into PSCFM must realized that he or she must be ready, I mean ready to go through the rigor of academic and professional learning and grooming at the institution . It’s certainly not a place of looseness or detrimental freedom that one sees or finds at many of the country’s universities. Employers of labour knows that PSCFM lecturers are professional managers, directors and entrepreneurs; they are adjunct faculties who has seen it all in their industries, offices and marketplaces relating to sound credit risk management and financial analysis, entrepreneurship and sensible business leadership. 

We know what Employers want from Graduates

Student Employability at The Heart of PSCFM Curriculum for the Study of Credit Management and Financial Analysis

At the Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM) we run one year specialist qualification in four (4) diet levels in each of the three (3) postgraduate programmes; they are:

  • Certified Credit & Financial Analysis Professional (CCFAP)
  • Credit & Financial Analysis Executive (CFAE)
  • Credit & Financial Analysis Associate (CFAA)

To fulfill its primary mission and vision, PSCFM curriculum is designed with employability of its students in mind, and meeting the needs of employers also in mind. This is the first time such a robust curriculum is designed, developed, and ready to deliver for the study of credit management and financial analysis in the history of learning, and to award qualifications in this field; incorporating elements of the following:

  • Opportunities for, and active encouragement of, work experience. This could be in many different forms: blocks of work related experience; a short two week work experience; a year-long industry placement; a volunteering experience linked to the curriculum; paid part-time employment linked to the curriculum; individual or group project work for an employer. These are varied range of experiences that fresh graduates and postgraduates can participate in to develop their expertise and work experience relating to credit management and financial analysis. 
  • Diverse and regular involvement with employers and alumni – not just as guest speakers and providers of placements but also to help inform the curriculum, get involved with student assessment; provide case studies and project ideas, to act as mentors etc. 
  • Subject teaching that is rich in real world examples, research projects and opportunities to see how the subject and its methods are applied
  • Active teaching methods – this include problem solving; discussions/debate; team activities; real-world activities (fulfilling a project brief, consultancy); opportunities for students to create; competition; the pitching of ideas etc. 
  • Through practical teaching and assessment methods, PSCFM’s curriculum enhances students employability, relevant student skills and attributes in a coherent and developmental way which are commonly needed in the credit and financing industry. 
  • There is a space within the curriculum for students to gain career management skills and insights which encouraged timely career planning
  • Embedded in PSCFM curriculum is Enterprise education for all students; not just those that wish to set up their own business. Enterprise activities allow students to develop creativity, entrepreneurship, leadership, negotiation, and confidence; all of these attributes highly valued by employers in general. 
  • Explicit recognition and valuing of employability across the curriculum – through employability relevant learning outcomes and assessment; highlighting and encouraging students to recognise the skills being developed; encouragement to engage with curriculum and extra curricula activities; plentiful opportunities for students to reflect on their development, articulate their development and plan their further development
  • Consistent tutors and a personal tutoring system that is motivating and supportive in the way that Professional Development Programme (PDP) is handled; career discussions enabled; and further opportunities and services promoted. 


There is no one in the world that is not looking to be recognized, respected and honoured. If you have a good education, you can well manage yourself, you can well manage your family, you can well manage your business, you can behave yourself well, and you will be extremely relevant in promoting activities such as religion and community projects.

The way up for young people is for them to build the foundation called sound academic and professional qualifications. The attainment of these makes possible ones sense of self-expression, ability to write prolifically with the highest level of self-confidence. A savvy brain that does open doors which leads to a successful, accomplished life.

There is no short cut to rising up; the earth where we live is activity driven, it also recognizes excellence, but displaces mediocrity.

Having so much money in one’s till or bank account is never an evidence of hard work; there is only one way to getting to the top of the ladder, that way is – SOUND EDUCATION.

Education is passport; anywhere, everywhere in this world, education remains the most credible, undisputable fact that underpins the rising and getting to the top. Money can’t deliver this, connection can’t deliver this.

In other words, education uses these outcomes to acclimatize. If you don’t have quality academic and professional education, you cannot attain a successful end. So the disease to get rid of is actually not having sound education.


With the rise in demand for quality performance and delivery of service by employers of labour both locally and globally, comes the rise of expectation that today’s university graduates, as well as those already in their working lives to step up their academic and professional qualifications. For those who are lucky to have secured employment; I speak the mind of employers that such working class graduates whether they are new or old on the job, should be aware that the real job experiential building is not achieved by how much or how frequently you change jobs. A lot of people keep moving from one job to another; from one employer to another ostensibly in search of the so called ‘’greener pasture’’. Such attitude in real terms reduces the integrity of the persons experience; it also blocks confidence building as to how reliable he or she will be on any new appointment.

 The employers of labour all over the world today have moved to insisting that all their employees must acquire post-university professional qualification(s) so that they are current with learnings and development. Any employee who lacks a string of letters after their name retards his or her promotion in the organisation where he or she works.

Sound qualification which is the combination of academic (your degree(s) from university) and professional attestation (your qualification and membership of professional body) actually fast-track career progression of any working class person. This is so because academic and professional qualifications such as a university degree and professional certifications in Credit and Financial Analysis Associate (CFAA), Credit and Financial Analysis Executive (CFAE) or Certified Credit and Financial Analysis Professional (CCFAP) offered by the pioneer Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM) are not just about getting a job/career in any sector in the labour market, the benefit affects all parts of life; intellectual, social, sporting, personal, artistic, ethical and so much more.

One can safely say that a holder of any of the PSCFM qualifications is an embodiment of theory and practice in that all PSCFM lecturers are themselves top managers and directors in charge of the entire portfolio of credit risk management, financial analysis, and credit administration at their present workplace or prior to their retirement.


No one in whatever field is exempted from being affected by the impact of a Credit Economy. Nigeria, like the early stage of the economy of advanced countries is moving away from cash and carry economy to credit-based economy. Credit economy affords everyone the opportunity to create wealth, create jobs, and have equal access to good life proportionate to individual or corporate capabilities.

The Institute of Credit Administration, Nigeria (ICA) was established 1992 with legal mandate to moderate the credit economic regime in Nigeria, and to admit people irrespective of their primary academic, professional and vocational callings into membership of the Institute of Credit Administration (ICA) with a view to giving them a broader understanding of the economy.

I am therefore, inviting the educated/learned elite to send in your CV for screening to join the membership of ICA; the categories of ICA membership available are; Fellow (FICA), Member (MICA) or Associate (AICA). If you accept this invitation today, you are joining the network of over 4,000 corporate directors and general managers, career professionals, leading entrepreneurs and business leaders, public sector technocrats, super civil servants, influential politicians and the young-shall grow future leaders and professionals who are already ICA members.

When elected, you will be one of /and network with over 2000 prominent fellows of the Institute who are currently occupying top management positions in their respective organizations.

Please make no mistake to think that Credit Economy and its management does not affect you- it does; now or in future it will. As you know, buying on credit and paying for it later is all around every one of us both at macro and micro level; even Nigeria as a country has been and is still taking CREDIT (Loans) from within and outside the country.

Rise today and give yourself a bigger boost, set yourself apart from others, hold a qualification that spreads your influence, join the club of distinguished individuals.

Send your CV to any of these emails: [email protected], [email protected].


The rise in need for credit professionals keep scaling upwards every year; organisations, entrepreneurs and corporations in Nigeria and other countries in the emerging economies are beginning to embrace the future of buying and selling of goods and services using credit. It is heart-warming to note that organisations are adopting credit schemes for optimal and progressive rise in their profit margins.

This need for increase in profit by companies has given credence to the need for professionals in credit administration. According to the UK based Hays Credit Management Company, there has been over 10% growths in the income of credit professionals yearly in the world. This goes without saying that building a career in credit management and administration has become preeminent to both aspiring credit professionals and those who are already professionals in the field of credit Management.

There has been a heightened growth in salaries and benefits accrued to professionals in this field which progresses every year; these are seasoned credit professionals who have excelled and experienced growth, Hays published also that there is an envisaged increase in benefits ranging from life insurance, health insurance, educational support and childcare insurance support for credit professionals because of the shortage of credit management and administration skills in this industry.

So, if you are a young graduate professional or one looking to change professional field, this is a good and great opportunity to build a career in credit management and financial analysis which sets one apart from your colleagues, launches you into a future with much prospects and certainties; an opportunity that will create a good work-life balance, career satisfaction and ultimately career growth enabling you to add value to the economic growth of individuals, corporations and your country.

This Is To All My Mentorees

Let me appreciate and acknowledge the sentiments expressed by so many of my mentorees that being mentored by me is the most rewarding opportunity they ever had. They are all correct because I felt that when majority of posts trending on so many social media platforms these days are not really intending to deliver virtues that enhance quality of life, impartation and mentoring that points to successful pathway to the future, and virtues that construct strong bridge linking today’s young graduates to 21st century global citizenship, I decided within me that I will toll the path that brings hope to the despair, guidance to the helpless, academic, professional and career counsel to the forgotten, and voice to the unheard. If all my followers on my page and young people who are willing to become a voice in this present generation and leave a legacy for the future generation to learn from; will trust me, I have the intellectual, professional and experiential capabilities and integrity to lead them in the way, especially as it relates to credit management profession…the very profession that has become, and increasingly too, the bride of the whole world economy today.

God helping me, am really out to show the way to all the young shall grow university graduates, the professionals who are already working, and those currently going through their studies in universities who should finish very soon. I have the capacity to lead them all into the present and future credit management and financial analysis specialism. Please get others to join you in following me on LinkedIn and Facebook for a more closer and one on one basis of mentorship. If any of you is happy to shift to broaden career in credit management and financial analysis profession, please send your indication of interest to this email – [email protected], I will be more than happy to get you enrolled for either part-time or work and study programmes in specialist certification, and at a fairly reduced cost being that you are my follower, which comes at a 10% discount between the 31st of August to the 30th September 2019 for the first 50 persons to register.

My honest and sincere assessment of the academic, professional and career capacity of the average Nigerian professional graduate, as well as those that recently completed their learning’s from universities and have gotten their first degrees, or those on line to finish very soon from universities is that, as much as 90% of them can’t measure up with their graduate counterparts elsewhere. Just like other productive and highly engaging economies, Nigeria is in dare need of best brains properly baked by academic baking rooms called “University”, and professional skills nourishment and development factory called “specialist body”. Every day I have this burning feeling in me that Nigeria must be heard of; Nigerian professionals must be global citizens. But unfortunately I can’t do everything for everybody – only in credit management field of learning I can help people both in Nigeria, and elsewhere. The good thing however, is that credit management combined with financial analysis is best selling profession going round the world today which is constantly in high demand because of its extreme relevance to money generation in all business organizations, including government entities. Without availability of credit whether in the form of financial credit, trade credit, consumer credit, government given micro credit for economic empowerment, or governments having to borrow from local and international lenders, I can tell you, there is no future. No economy exists outside of that which is from what people do to and for themselves. And without the giving, receiving and managing credit the whole essence of the economy translating to good life for the people is collapsed.

Linkedin- www.linkedin.com/in/prof-chrisonalo



As President/CEO of the Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management(PSCFM), presently at the age of 62, I am ready to provide credible academic and professional empowerment to thousands out of millions of Nigerians that have graduated from Universities yesterday, today and in the future with the primary aim of baking them to become brightest brains that will make unparalleled impact in the local and global management of business to business credit, financial credit, consumer credit and international credit irrespective of their current area of knowledge for which they hold a degree. With a robust employment-centred curriculum developed within the scope of international quality standards for higher specialist education institution by four professors in the field and family of credit and financial management, PSCFM is set to produce the best credit management and financial analysis professionals for Nigeria and global employment market place, and a referenced study place for this field.

Tony Elumelu Foundation made this statement recently: “There are other major affiliations militating against our young ones. The quality of education has dropped dangerously in many of African countries. Therefore, even if the jobs are available, many of our graduates are not employable. Those who have studied hard in our higher institutions opted for wrong subjects that may not readily offer them opportunities.  They have not marched with the times and still study subjects suited for 20th century when the rest of the world is already looking towards the 22nd century. The technologies of the 20th century have become poor and distant  relations of that which is necessary to survive and excel in the 21st century, but we remain firmly rooted to those, archaic systems and technologies. Furthermore, even our artisans, who do not need university training but learn on the job as apprentices and interns are usually poorly trained and miserably equipped”. I am here to help anyone who will decide now look into the future beyond today. The future belongs to those who do not sit-down on themselves.

If you are ready send indication of interest with your current resume to this email [email protected] for us to process your admission.