The Postgraduate School of Credit And Financial Management (PSCFM) is Nigeria’s most respected specialist postgraduate education institution, offering taught courses in credit management which are tailored to the needs of individuals, business and society. Like its affiliate in the United Kingdom, the focus of PSCFM is on lifelong learning as well as equipping individuals with the relevant skills and qualifications in all areas of credit management, combining professional qualifications with academic rigour to deliver high-class education that helps its students and alumni to keep ahead of the curve in credit management in the 21st Century business and economic environment.

In a tied – up with  London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) UK,PSCFM facilitates a six (6) months short study courses in all areas of credit management, targeting fresh university graduates, those who have graduated from university a long time ago and are looking to obtain qualification in credit management that can enhance their chances of securing quick employment in the labour market, as well as working-class credit and financial executives at officers, supervisory, managerial and policy levels, who may apply at their workplace for a study leave with LPCMC up to six months in the United Kingdom.

PSCFM programmes  has distinguished itself from all other finance related, banking-related, economics-related and management-related programmes in Africa. Thematically, the structure of PSCFM’s programme modules focuses on developing students in all areas of credit management including credit risk management and modelling, business law, economics, financial risk analysis, credit and financial modelling and applied corporate finance, artificial intelligence for finance and data mining, and statistics for business, among others.

The institution aims to produce highly qualified credit analysts, credit risk managers, directors of credit, chief credit risk officers and credit policy examiners, trade credit managers/controllers, receivables managers and credit recovery managers via bespoke credit, financial and enterprise risk management modules that it has designed exclusively to meet the rigour and academic excellence of the 21st-century business and economic environment.

Our commitment is to provide leadership in credit management that is accessible to everyone that works in any sector of the economy including engineering, construction, financial services, manufacturing, and all others. We train students to fit into any spectrum of credit management in different sectors of any nation’s economy. This makes the institution super unique from other institutes for credit management or similar institutes anywhere in Africa that are increasingly focusing on the financial services or trade sector alone.

In addition, through collaboration with our global affiliate in London, (LPCMC)we focus entirely on top-class credit management Executive Programmes which deliver unparalled specialist competence and lead supervisory functions at officers, supervisory, managerial, examiner and policy levels in all facets of credit management operations.

Emphatically, we prepare students who are mostly working class professionals, already graduated from different universities to succeed in the highly competitive world of credit industry, and making them the first choice of the employers market anywhere.

Two times every Year, we expect that organizations in the credit industry will be able to approve and sponsor where necessary some of their workforce at different level of authorities to attend our prestigious programmes which we run in collaboration with LPCMC in London to keep abreast with global trends and current thinking in credit risk policy formulation, examination, management and supervision.

Credit Management is a career continually on the rise around the world. Founded in 1995, the Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM) is a specialized private institution of higher learning, offering world class credit management education.

PSCFM seeks to provide an avenue for sound skills and knowledge acquisition in credit management that meet the current needs of the credit industry.

Over the last 23 years, PSCFM has established itself as a specialist education institution for credit professionals and their executives at a time (and till this day) when no university and polytechnic have launched credit management programs.

It’s the goal of PSCFM to make its students better credit managers.

Making them to have a larger toolbox with more tools to evaluate, assess, grant and monitor credit while minimizing risk to their employers.

That is the benefit to both the students and their employer organizations

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