PSCFM Accreditation

The Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM) is accredited by National Institute of Credit Administration (NICA) in line with section 14 (1),(2),(3),(4) of NICA Chartered Act No 1018 of 2022. NICA’s specialized, programmatic and Institutional accreditations are designed to ensure the public that a credit management academic or professional learning programmes has undergone a rigorous evaluation/review process, and found to meet high standard and industry- relevant for educational/training quality; that the credit management training provider or trainer, certification organization, and educational Institution engaged in the offering of learning, training or studying programmes in every aspect of credit management is reputable in the eyes of potential learners, parents, employers of labour, and credit industry in accordance with national and international best practices.

Section 14 of NICA Act Click Here

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