Good day dear colleague,

We are Nigeria’s independent postgraduate credit management institution, offering the following specialist qualifications in credit management:

1.      Certified Credit & Financial Analysis Professional (CCFAP)

2.      Credit & Financial Analysis Executive (CFAE)

3.      Credit & Financial Analysis Associate (CFAA)

These qualifications are nationally and globally sought after by employers of labour in the credit industry. We have large number of holders of these qualifications in various of Nigerian economy.

The Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM) is a higher specialist institution, accredited by the Nigeria’s Institute of Credit Administration (ICA).

We are looking to collaborate with any credible university with a view to converting our three professional qualification programmes currently offered; for instance, to Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral degree in credit management fully consistent with university standard.

Should this proposal be of interest to any University, what this will mean is that the university will accept PSCFM programmes for the award of degree in credit management to PSCFM’s student who have successfully completed any of the PSCFM programmes, if such student is interested, subject to payment of agreed fees.

It will then follows that all students seeking to have degree version of PSCFM specialist qualification will have his or her records with PSCFM submitted for re-registration with the University and be awarded a degree in credit management in accordance with the policies of the awarding University.

In clear terms, the University will consider, through validation, the provision of the following programmes in the partnership:

1) Award of Bachelor’s Degree in Credit Management (BA)

2) Award of Master’s Degree in Credit Management (MA)

3) Award of Doctoral Degree in Credit Management (Ph.D)

If the authority of University accept to take on this very lucrative academic programme with PSCFM, the financial arrangement between the University and PSCFM shall be worked out.

Invariably, the responsibilities of PSCFM shall be:

  • Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management will continue to oversee quality assurance elements relative to faculty, learning instruction, credit management curriculum development and learning resources.
  • Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management will continue to provide effective administrative oversights in all aspects of cooperative educational program to assure the standards and operations meet the minimum standards of the University.

Similarly, the responsibilities of the partner University in the deal shall be:

  •  The University shall recognize the existence of its collaborative relationship with Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management, as defined by the depth and scope of an agreement which shall be entered into.
  • Credits transferred and remitted from Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management for a student will be duly considered for acceptance by the University for the purpose of awarding specified degree in credit management.

It is for this reason that we are exploring the possibility of our institution collaborating with any innovative, creative, visionary and recognized university with a view to meeting the needs of our students. We are thinking that some universities may be interested in this thought.

Collaboration indication of interest can be sent to this email address:


Prof. Chris Onalo,


Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management

No.1 Mabogunje Road, Oniru Estate, Victoria Island, Lagos.

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