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Qualifications That Makes You Employable

…After University, PSCFM Next

Dear Incoming Student,

 Learning & Professional Development: What Do You Have With You?

Let me quickly remind you of one thing: The success of both employee and employer in today’s labour market depends largely on the people that employer employs and the skills that such employee brings into the organization.

 What We Are Doing At PSCFM:

As job market continues to change at a more rapid pace than ever, influenced by disruptive business models, it is forecasted that more workforce will be needed in industries such as business and trade credit industry, financial credit industry, consumer credit industry, and public sector credit schemes for economic empowerment.

Labour market for each of these industries is in acute shortage, and there is need for well trained, well baked credit and financial analysis specialists at junior and supervisory levels, and certified postgraduate credit and financial analysts at senior and managerial levels to adequately man these bits.

At PSCFM we are fostering for Nigeria, and largely the global credit industry, a higher specialist education system that is able to produce quality human capital, capable of managing and controlling financial credit, business and trade credit, corporate credit, consumer credit, public sector credit schemes through a robust credit and financial analysis modeling, down to the overall credit management spectrum.

This means that corporate organizations in Nigeria who have been looking to hire, retain and promote individuals that have been tenaciously baked with specific trainings, certifications, skills and experience in credit management can now look up to PSCFM qualified graduates.


Once a person become a student of the Postgraduate School of Credit and Financial Management (PSCFM), your growth and success – academically, professionally and personally – are our focus; you become part of a community of learners distinguished as specialists through our lifelong involvement in the study and application of credit management, and critical participation in the contemporary world of high demand for credit and financial analysis modeling, sound corporate credit management governance, effective consumer credit management, public sector credit scheme management, and business and trade credit management.

Please accept my invitation today to join the working class studentship of our Postgraduate School of Credit And Financial Management (PSCFM). Take my word that you will receive from this higher specialist institution quality learning outcome in your chosen course that will propel your career to the enviable top.

Just take a moment to go through this website; you will be happy to enroll for anyone of the programmes based on your work experience, current qualifications, and desire to move to another career; you certainly will find a suitable course to run with us.

Our programmes are designed  for intelligent, ambitious and self-development minded people who are currently working or looking to work as credit officer, credit analyst, credit controller, credit supervisor, credit control manager, credit relationship manager, credit and marketing executive, accounts receivable manager/executive, remedial/recovery manager/executive, credit risk manager/executive, credit monitoring executive, and all those working to control business credits extended to customers. It perfectly suits those who want to propel their professional development in the credit management work they do without putting their careers on hold.

In the 12 months full/part-time programme, our student will master every level of the programme enrolled for, the skills, and build the network needed to realize highest career aspirations while earning the prescribed qualification. Only at the Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management (PSCFM) will you find the broadest array of local and global opportunities in the credit industry, an unparalleled approach to all segments of credit management and a curriculum that builds well-rounded credit management professionals.


Enrol now, move up your ladder in credit management specialization, earn any of these qualifications upon successful completion –

Certified Credit & Financial Analysis Professional (CCFAP) —the highest level,

Credit & Financial Analysis Executive (CFAE) —the higher level,

Credit & Financial Analysis Associate (CFAA) —the high level

It is not an exaggeration to say that PSCFM is the place to go for credit management learning. Please come, we are here and ready for you.


The Uniqueness of Our Faculty Members

 The significant thing is that majority of our faculty members are actually adjunct Professors. They are people who are working in business sector, people from the credit industry. So teaching at PSCFM is practical. Our tutors have strong academic background at PhD levels, combined with many years of practical experience in managing credits at different levels and sectors in the credit industry, thus making their orientation in teaching totally different from those who in other places move from one classroom to another.


Specialist Certification Award

The 12 months full/part-time programme ultimately leads to the award of job-enhanced professional qualifications in credit and financial analysis, credit and financial modeling, and credit management designed to reshape, remodel and enhance professionalism, employability and accelerated career advancement of its holder.


Going to the United Kingdom for Further Study …With Student Visa

 What’s more, this program offers opportunity to our student to enroll, and as the programme progresses, take part in the study in UK for 1-5 weeks as part of student exchange initiative with the accredited London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC) UK. This gives the student international credit management skills exposure and competitive edge in both national and international credit industry labour markets. This programme is subject to separate terms and conditions though, for those able to participate (optionally).

LPCMC is UK’s global credit management tertiary institution offering quality specialist qualifications for credit professionals around the world.


Advice That Change Life

 The world today is driven by, and continuously in the quest for acute knowledge, critical thinkers with excellent academic and professional reservoirs in order to connect today with tomorrow. Let me ask you this question: Where are you in this scheme of the world? Take it or leave it, if you don’t get to do something NOW, you are likely to lag behind, and that may be regrettable. So, the wisest thing to do right away, is to enroll for this programme.

Begin now to invest in yourself, in your tomorrow; you have been so long committed to helping others gain sound education, but left yourself not so well educated. It will cost a bit of money to set yourself apart from others; nothing good in life comes without price.

Most people see something good and say to themselves “fantastic! Am going for this” only to back out few days away. Don’t treat yourself like this, take the bull by the horn now and get enrolled to this programme; it will pay you, it will favour you a great deal – now and in future.


What are you waiting for, enroll now and move on with us!

 Download and complete the Admission Registration Form on this website and email it back to us together with your current CV, copies of your credentials, passport photo and a brief letter expressing your interest to undertake the course you have chosen.

We look forward to welcoming you to a fascinating learning experience with PSCFM. We are waiting for you!


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