Enriching Employability of Bachelor’s Degree Holders

Enriching Employability of Bachelor’s Degree Holders

Pursue a “Certified Specialist Status” (CSS) to support your degree.



Certified Specialist Status is a blend of post-university professional skills with academic knowledge resulting to practicality which demonstrates an individual’s employability with industry-relevant standards. Once you’ve successfully completed CSS programme, you’ll get the certified specialist status of “CFAA” – Credit and Financial Analysis Associate – in credit management.


If you are holding a Bachelor’s degree in any discipline:

Reflect on your current bachelor degree, consider the direction the economy is moving both now and in future, what do you see? Today’s university graduates need to have a strong advantage in order to be spotted in the labour market. A juicy postgraduate professional qualification in a lucrative field of knowledge recognized by its stakeholders and employers of labour in a given industry is the pathway to a successful career.


The reality of our time

Post-university specialized institutions are pivotal for economic growth and social progress, highlighting the importance of skills alignment to labour market needs. In an increasingly globalised and knowledge-based economy, it is necessary to ensure a well-skilled workforce in order to be competitive in terms of productivity, quality, and innovation.


What is it?

As a graduate of whatever field, if you’re new on the job you are currently doing and you probably have little experience than you realize; have you thought of moving to credit management or credit administration department in your organization to join others to do the work of credit and financial analysis, credit risk control, credit administration, receivables management, loan administration, etc.?


A certified specialist qualification in credit management and financial analysis is your chance to do just that; it’s a flexible graduate employability and promotionality route – a very strong attachment to the degree you are currently holding.


Who can apply? 

You’ll need to have a bachelor degree in any discipline either with or without work experience. As this is a blend of professional and academic mitigation programme designed for employability fitness, university graduate who has been experiencing difficulty getting employed or those performing a job un- related to the bachelor degree they are holding presently will find this programme timely, and an incredibly powerful discovery of the biggest insight into the way out of graduate employability to share with your other graduate friends.


How does it work?

You only need to submit your CV and a personal statement (200 words) outlining why you’re applying for CSS programme, stating your current qualification, and if you are working presently, state the nature of your work, and the career you want to build.


If you are successful in registering for CSS programme which is in high demand, you will be required to choose one of the following certified postgraduate specialist qualification studies:

·         Credit & Financial Analysis Associate (CFAA) – at par with Bachelor

·         Credit & Financial Analysis Executive (CFAE) – at par with M.sc

·         Certified Credit & Financial Analysis Professional (CCFAP) – at par with PhD


Our learning process:

Our lecturers will support you as you conceive and progress with your studies. You will also get feedback after each lecture so that you become progressively more familiar with – and better able to complete – the tasks ahead of you.


How long does CFAA take?

You’ll have 12 months to complete the programme you have chosen. However long you take, our PSCFM lecturers will support you every step of the way.



During your studies, you’ll have access to:

·         your lecturer’s support, including:

o   making sure that you successfully deepen and diversify your career

o   bridging the gap between you and employers of labour in credit industry


We won’t relent until you succeed, and we are happy

·         To craft way out of the trap of “un-employability status and poor field of discipline”.

·         To launch you into window of opportunity to join the league of best selling careers around the world.


While studying with us, you will automatically become an Associate Member of the Institute of Credit Administration (AICA), subject to payment of ICA’s prescribed fees. That means you’ll also have access to our global professional networking events and careers support.

As an Associate of ICA, you’ll also be receiving ICA’s “Commendation Badge”, weekly newsletter, monthly magazine, which you can use to highlight your professional credibility to potential employer, peers and networks.

This certified specialist status in credit management and financial analysis helps university graduates to become professionals that move forward with their careers. CSS programme is benchmarked at degree level; it helps graduate to take advantage of new career opportunities through our collaborative academic partnership with foreign Institutions. In fact, the opportunities are endless.


We take you farther than you can imagine

This strategic drive is reflected in our collaboration with the London Postgraduate Credit Management College (LPCMC), UK which aims at addressing academic quality and obscurity.


Before you apply

If you would like to discuss CSS programme in more detail before you apply, please email us: academicadministrator@postgraduatecreditschool.net. A member of our team will be in touch, or call this phone number: +234 9063139403. You can also put this email in copy: president@postgraduatecreditschool.net, or call: +234 8034030160.


For some of the world leading credit management professional bodies, visit the following websites:

        Institute of Credit Administration, Nigeria


        Institute of Credit Management, UK


        National Association of Credit Management, USA


        Credit Institute of Canada, Canada


         London Postgraduate Credit Management College, UK


        Graduate School of Credit & Financial Management, USA


        Postgraduate School of Credit & Financial Management, Nigeria




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